How bad do you want them Panty Boy?

What will you do for me to earn them?

I’ll sniff them.

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Lots of men wearing panties dream of the day a woman hands you her panties and says here put these panties on. Show your love of wearing panties and add this picture to your blog


I’m not a panty wearer but some may like this.

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Hey everyone! Here is the pussy shot I promised!

Also, I still need $100 for my pole dancing classes, if anyone wants to help me raise some money!!

imagine smelling the panties that came off this beautiful wet pussy. Well you can! pop on over to ivy’s blog and she will happily sell you a pair.
Don’t be afraid, you know you want too. ;)

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I think it’s most guys desire to be “busted”. Especially if the girl is as kinky as this one.

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I do like guys that sniff panties….

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Who wants these?

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After gym g string.

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The wife’s pearl g strings. I love them!

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